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Toronto Baby Photography

Welcome to my Toronto baby photography blog and website

Hello, I'm Charlotte. Nice to meet you!

I absolutely love using my newborn and baby photography to bring joy and happiness into people’s lives. I love knowing that the images I’ve created will become priceless heirlooms for your family in years to come. One day, when your children have grown, you’ll hold on to these images as a way to take you back to this special time in your life.

It’s true that newborn babies grow so quickly! It is imperative to professionally capture these fleeting moments before they’re gone forever.

I'll create fresh and natural baby photography of your little one and stylized editorial portraits of your children that reflect the essence and unique personality of your child. From the moment you enter my Toronto baby photography studio you will be a part of a tranquil environment designed as the ideal space for relaxed child portraiture. Sit back with a hot cup of herbal tea and enjoy the experience as I create amazing fine art imagery especially for your child.

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The Kids Playing In The Pool

I’m just loving my time away in beautiful Perth, Australia!! If there is one place on this Earth that could be defined as an absolute paradise, I’d with no doubt have to say Perth! We’ve been having sooo much fun here. Not only with the great family and friends that we’ve been hanging with but with the awesome and hilarious kids that we’ve been lucky enough to photograph. Meet Sky, Noah and Jayden, three of of the cutest little kids I’ve had the pleasure to photograph in a while!


There is something that is soo much fun about a kiddie pool. When the kids hit the pool the splashing started immediately and the giggles were contagious 🙂


I thought Sky’s polka-dot bathing suit was super adorable. Her goggles were hilarious and it was hard for us adults to contain our laughter.


How cute!! Big sis and little bro hanging in the baby pool!




Noah just giggled until his tummy hurt from all of the awesome fun and excitement.


Isn’t it amazing how little effort it takes to bring hours of fun and excitement to a toddlers day! Look at the expression of thrill and wonder in little Noah, it’s like you can feel his pure glee!


Knock-knock mom, soaking wet swimmer at the door. Hmmm, I think Sky should dry off a little before wet foot prints make their way through the house.


It looks like someone has done this before, I love the funny faces kids make 😛


Focus… focus…



Oh, oh, it looks like the funny face craze has caught on!


What an amazing and fun day!! I just wanted to end the post with one really cute photo of Jayden. Check out those big blue eyes don’t they just melt your heart?!?


My Very Own Photo Shoot!

I love the summer-time!! I especially love it when it’s winter here in Toronto and you get to experience the warmth of summer in another country! I remember the day Dave and I headed to the airport. My poor little car was parked in the driveway and buried under a foot (or two) of freezing cold, icy, slushy snow- yuck! I was so happy to get away from all that January has to offer and get on the insanely long 14 hour flight to Perth, Australia!

Charlotte during her fashion with a kid at the beach

As we were on the flight I was so very excited to finally meet Dave’s family. Dave’s my fiance and he has wonderful family that call OZ home. I was especially stoked to finally meet Dave’s little nieces and nephews while away.


Once I met all of the super-cute and amazing kids in Dave’s family I was so excited to photograph them all. I also couldn’t think of any other little models I’d like to use more for my newborn, baby and kids photography website I was about to launch! They were all such little darlings and didn’t mind that I was dressing them up in fairy dresses and using other cute little photography props I found around the house.


The beaches in Perth, Australia are absolutely out-of-this-world!! If you’ve every seen the gorgeous turquoise waves and the softest white sand beaches of Perth, you’ll know what I’m taking about. I was so lucky that Dave’s little niece Sky lived right across the street from one of the most amazing beaches in Perth. I couldn’t resist getting her all dolled up and photographing her while she played in the sand and splashed her toes in the waves.



I absolutely LOVE kids photography, catching all of those beautiful little smiles and the cute little manor-isms that make kids, kids. Each child has a unique personality and adorable little traits that make photographing them so much fun and so rewarding! While shooting on the beach, we were having the time of our lives playing and snapping away. Dave brought his camera along to capture me working and to get some candid shots of Sky and I playing in the sun!



Wow, that’s some serious wind! Another thing Perth is famous for, it’s wild winds. We didn’t mind though, it was exhilarating having all of the air blow us around.



Light is such an important part of my photography. It’s what makes an image look magical and vibrant. The light was sooo beautiful and the warmth of Perth sunset made us both glow in the photographs.


On our way home, Sky and I picked flowers and played in the sand dunes. What a gorgeous location for kids photography in Perth! I absolutely loved spending some quality time and creating timeless heirlooms we’ll always be able to look back on. I know one day when Sky is all grown up, she’ll cherish these images and show them to her little children.