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Toronto Baby Photography

Welcome to my Toronto baby photography blog and website

Hello, I'm Charlotte. Nice to meet you!

I absolutely love using my newborn and baby photography to bring joy and happiness into people’s lives. I love knowing that the images I’ve created will become priceless heirlooms for your family in years to come. One day, when your children have grown, you’ll hold on to these images as a way to take you back to this special time in your life.

It’s true that newborn babies grow so quickly! It is imperative to professionally capture these fleeting moments before they’re gone forever.

I'll create fresh and natural baby photography of your little one and stylized editorial portraits of your children that reflect the essence and unique personality of your child. From the moment you enter my Toronto baby photography studio you will be a part of a tranquil environment designed as the ideal space for relaxed child portraiture. Sit back with a hot cup of herbal tea and enjoy the experience as I create amazing fine art imagery especially for your child.

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Baby Couture: Fine Art Baby Albums

I’m getting ready for an amazing newborn session today but I had to take a minute to write this post! I’m just so excited to be launching my Baby Couture Line. What is Baby Couture you ask? Baby Couture is my new premium line of custom baby albums designed to really personalize your Rainbow Eleven experience. I personally create a couture, fashion baby album for you based on your unique style and taste to design something that is truly special for your baby, and like nothing else you’ll see.

I’m so thrilled to offer such a unique, amazing high quality heirloom to my clients. Not only are Baby Couture Albums unique with the luxurious imprinted leathers, fabrics, silks and velvets we can offer but there is also premium photographic prints used during the binding process… Something that only Rainbow Eleven clients know about 🙂 You’d have to see it to believe how beautiful it is!!

The great thing about this to me is the ability to use so many different fabrics, leathers and textured materials in my custom design. I love being able to mix leathers with textures and do something creative and unique, something really personalized and special for your baby!

I love this design so much, I named it “Sabre” after the adorable newborn in the image. The leaves in this design are actually a raised velvet texture and there is a gorgeous strip of rich black leather down the middle. I LOVE the way it frames the image and creates this striking yet opulent look.

You can see the texture and the way the velvet leaves are raised here. Also the gorgeous quality of the spine. Such perfection!!

Look at the craftsmanship of this binding and spine. This is what a high quality album looks like! You can see the thickness and durability of the pages so the photographic print binds perfectly and seamlessly to the page. Baby Albums really do make me happy!

I think being based in Toronto means that I’m lucky enough to have so many amazing clients with so many different tastes and styles. Like for instance Makio’s parents, Funky music producers with an amazing sense of style. I always love to have my clients input and get a sense for what they are drawn to when creating my design. I love, love, love this texture and the way it plays off of the fresh lime colour of the baby sling. Sometimes my clients leave the creativity and design solely up to me and that’s so much fun too.  This texture is so vibrant and so much fun. I named this style after the featured baby as well, I call this design “Makio”

I love doing the less than obvious when it comes to my Baby Couture designs. I love playing with negative space and doing the unexpected. Having a single image on a page allows your eye to enjoy the image with ease, it really is a beautiful thing isn’t it?

And don’t forget about the adorable details… They grow up way too fast, don’t they.

These handcrafted albums truly are a dream…

I just got these albums in late yesterday afternoon and wanted to share them with you all before they go to their new home 🙂 These are not Baby Couture they are our Premium Leather Albums in 10×14 and 10×10. Still uber gorgeous,  and in luxurious leathers.

Thanks for taking a peak at some of the awesome options we have to create fine art pieces of your baby’s first photography experience. To me this is my craft and a work of art, my vision is not complete until I can present my clients with a luxurious album to hold on to their memories of this very special time. Can’t wait to photograph your baby or newborn soon!

Cutest Kid in the World!

Every so often I’ll come across a clip of something that is so insanely cute I can’t help but have a huge smile on my face and my heart is filled with joy and laughter. My friend Erika posted this Youtube video on her Facebook  today and I had to share it with you all. As a baby and kids photographer I absolutely love capturing the true happiness, joy, enthusiasm and the effervescent optimistic outlook that only a child could possess! It’s my life’s work to capture their little personalities with my lens so you’ll always be able to look back and remember. If you need a boost today here is some advice on ‘How to Stay Positive” and remember “You Can Do Anything Good”, lol!!

The Brick Works Meadows article in Canadian Family magazine

Dave and I did a very cool kids shoot for Canadian Family magazine at The Brick Works Meadows in the Don Valley. We were charged with the task of chasing several kids around and capturing their shenanigans as they explored nature. It was a blast, and all the kids were so curious that it made taking the pictures a lot of fun.

We knew the shots were being printed for the Summer edition, but it was still very exciting to open the copy we picked up today and see our photo on the contents page, then to flip forward to the article and see four full pages of photos!! We weren’t expecting to have so many of the images in there, so it was a great surprise :)

I just want to send a big shout out to Megan for referring us for this shoot! Megan’s a past bride of our and a managing editor at Canadian Family.

Canadian-Family-Magazine-Photo-Shoot02 Canadian-Family-Magazine-Photo-Shoot01 Canadian-Family-Magazine-Photo-Shoot03

The following video may be a little lengthy, but if you’re interested in seeing what evergreen are doing with the Brick Works, check it out here. Also, if you’d like to find out a little more about how Evergreen is raising $55 million to transform the Brick Works heritage site into an international showcase for urban sustainability and green design, visit this page.

Little Lauren’s Kid Photo Shoot in High Park, Toronto

Some of you may remember the baby shoot we did with little baby Lauren a few months back. I was stoked because I actually won a photography award for one of the images from that shoot. She was only 8 weeks old then and she was so cute and adorable at that age! Dave and I were so honoured to photograph such an important time in Laurens life, it honestly feels like yesterday. It is so incredible how quickly kids grow up and time flies by so fast. I wonder if she actually got a chance to wear all of those cute baby clothes overflowing in her closet LOL! I have a feeling with all of her designer duds she’s going to grow up to be one well dressed fashionista!


When Lauren’s mom Melissa was looking for wedding photographers to document their incredible destination wedding in St. Thomas we were stoked she called us first! We absolutely LOVE shooting destination weddings and it’s even better when you have such gorgeous subjects as Lauren and her mom and dad! St. Thomas is a gorgeous island on the Caribbean Sea and is a part of the Virgin Islands. It’s rich with beautiful architecture, history and not to mention gorgeous turquoise water with soft white sand beaches. We have soo many shoot ideas and we can’t wait to photograph such an amazing time in their lives!


While we were chatting about Melissa & Sean’s exciting wedding plans, we popped on a slide show of some of our destination wedding work. Lauren was so cute, she started clapping her hands and dancing to the beat of the music 🙂 I don’t even think any of us saw the slide show, we were too busy bopping along with Lauren, she’s soo much fun to have around!


After the meeting we went out for a photo shoot in High Park. She looked cute as a button in her beanie and stockings, we had to get a few shots.


Melissa taught Lauren how to make some funny faces so we had to take a few priceless pictures!



It was so cute, Lauren does not like standing on any uneven ground so we put her by a tree for balance. We wanted to evoke a really true laugh and reaction out of her to show of her new toothy smile. Melissa told us she loooooves hearing the song “Low” by FloRida and it always makes her laugh LOL! Soo we all broke into our personal renditions of… Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur… the whole club was lookin’ at her… shorty got low, low, low… Haha, she LOVED it and clapped and boogied while we sang! Lauren has such a happy disposition, she has got to be the best kid ever to photograph!


We had so much fun with these guys! We can’t wait to shoot Melissa & Sean’s wedding in gorgeous St. Thomas, I’m sure we’ll sneak in a baby shoot or two while we’re away !!




Here is the slide show we put together for Laurens mom & dad of the shots we took. We thought the song was perfect because when you tell little Lauren to smile, she crinkles her nose… too funny!